“I declare Gidley the king of property sites” – Larry Lohrman

From Larry Lohrman’s website “Photography for Real Estate“, one of the best online resources for information about that topic. Link to this post at his site here…

“The recent latimes.com article by Ann Brenoff is another must read real estate photography article for your marketing kit. Much like the NYTimes article I featured last February, this article gives a some good real estate photography statistics and some shooting tips from Santa Monica-based Nick Springett and Everett Fenton Gidley, the big guns of real estate photography in the Santa Monica area. The article contains a bunch of great quotes and insights. One insight I particularly liked is quote by Everett Fenton Gidley (photo above links to his web site) that full screen  flash slide shows make it so web viewers don’t have to open and close each photo by clicking on it. Gidley says:, “You have to make it easy or they’ll quit on you”.

Be sure to explore Everett Fenton Gidley’s web site. The images are masterful and there are many links to recent property sites that he and his team have built. I declare Gidley the king of property sites. His portfolios and property site examples show how he implements his “…make it easy or they’ll quit on you” site design. One click delivers the whole portfolio or the whole property site content. Very simple and effective use of Flash slide shows of large images.”

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